Why Workday Integration

Workday’s Integration Cloud Platform is a complete Integration Platformas-a–Service (iPaaS) for building, deploying, and managing integrations to and from Workday. It provides a proven, enterprise-class platform that consists of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) embedded as part of the Workday platform with associated tools directly within the Workday UI for managing and monitoring integrations. 

Connectors are pre-built integrations that are designed, implemented, and supported by Workday. They drastically reduce the implementation time required to complete an end-to-end integration by providing the processing logic, data transformation, and error handling details required to integrate third-party party systems such as Kronos, ADP, Ceridian, Salesforce, Cybersource, Cornerstone, and others. All connectors are configurable to accommodate differences in customer situations (such as customizations of your third-party system) and run in the Workday Cloud, releasing you from the burden of having to maintain a separate integration infrastructure.

The average annual pay for a Workday Integration in the United States is $131,456 a year.

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